"Creating Wealth through Real Estate and Education - since 1980!"

Financial Intelligence is the key to your long-term prosperity. Real estate is one of the largest monetary transactions most people will ever undertake in their lifetime. I offer a wide range of consulting and educational services to help you both learn AND apply my Insider's Strategies and Secrets for Successful Real Estate Transactions.

With nearly five decades of industry expertise, I am now sharing that knowledge with select insiders who need and want my experience.

I loved the real estate industry so much that I came out of retirement in my late 70's to once again share my valuable experience with a select audience of real estate agents, home builders (Jayman Built Homes), and realty agencies like the one I now represent (Park and Protect).

If you are looking to acquire or sell real estate within the next 6 months, be sure to start your education early so you can be properly prepared to handle the transaction.

COMING SOON: Be sure to complete my web-based Information Intake Form now so I can help guide you to your destination. This process will help you to better understand the key concepts and my fee structure, and to provide me with the proper "Know Your Client" info I require to provide you with sound advice.

NEW: I offer personalized Training Sessions for Salespeople in any industry. Sales techniques have evolved over the decades, but the sales strategy and conceptual methodologies learned by master salespeople are key to your success. Let me help. Enroll in my introductory course now for only $99 for the first 24 students in 2024 (this course is regularly valued at $995).


The Most Important Video of this Century that You NEED to Watch Now if You want to Protect Your Wealth!

What Is A Wealth Cycle? The Difference Between Price & Value Explained by Mike Maloney.

In this seminar recorded live, Coach James answers the all important questions about Why Gold & Silver are so important to preserving your wealth.

Former Blackrock and Wall Street hedge fund manager Ed Dowd warns how there may only be 6 BIG US Banks LEFT by 2025!

Ray Laprairie

Independant Consultant | Park and Protect, Aston Investments Inc.